We love machining. Our state-of-the-art machinery and fully-staffed outfit guarantees that we can take on a wide variety of jobs with a faster turnaround than our competitors. From one-off jobs to large production runs we are more than happy to provide custom solutions to your unique problems. 

Turning, Milling & Grinding

We are equipped to machine complex parts including various types of gears (helical, spur, worm and bevel).


We'll work with you to create prototypes that can help you evaluate new designs and ensure they work as they should. Physical prototypes can help you make better decisions about your products and avoid costly mistakes in production.


We offer TIG, MIG and STICK welding. TiG is useful for thin materials like sheet metal. MIG is commonly used in the manufacturing industry to join various metals, like steel and aluminum, which cannot be welded using other methods. STICK welding is a fusion-based process, it is ideal for large quantities where there is benefit to doing a lot of welds simultaneously.

other services: